Steve's Wish Climb

Steve's Wish Climb

Monday, December 29, 2014

Working Hard

At 55 years old, the limiting factor in fitness is avoiding injury! A minor tweak here and there can lead to several days of inactivity, so my fitness regime is built around staying healthy. My intensity level is the level just below the "getting hurt" level.

Getting ready for Colorado will be a little less intense than what I'll need in the Himalaya. Here is what I'm doing currently:

Volume 8-10 hrs/week
2 days/week HIIT: HR Zone 4+
4 days/week Endurance + Strength: HR Zone 2-3

Day 1: Rest - walk/core workout 1.5 hrs.
Day 2: Gym Class "crossfit light" HIIT .75 hr.
Day 3: Zone 2-3 Stairmaster 1.5 hrs.
Day 4: Hill workout w/60# pack wt. 1.5 hrs.
Day 5: Gym Class Steamline Crossfit/Spin/TRX 2 hrs.
Day 5: Zone 1-2 Hike w/60# pack 5mi 1.75 hrs
Day 7: Zone 2-3 Swim/Stairmaster 1.5 hrs.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ouray Prep Work

I'm headed to Ouray in January to climb with  a guide/friend (Tim Brown) through Peak Mountain Guides. That's Matt Wade's company. I've climbed ice with Matt before and he's got a really professional outfit, so I'll be in good hands. I highly recommend these guys.

They're setting up some climbs that will mimic what I'll face on Ama Dablam. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Matt Wade, Peak Mountain Guides

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Jake Ryan is the Superintendent at Northland CC in Minnesota and was an early Wish Granter, donating almost immediately after I started my campaign. Jake is a fellow superintendent and climber.

As an advocate of aligning personal growth/ development in career endeavors, Jake applies his love for turfgrass management, accomplishing goals and human communication in his profession. At the University of Minnesota, he expanded upon a dedicated work ethic rooted in personal development and team work. Since graduating he applies the same attitudes in the field of golf course management and communication.

Outside of work, Jake spends his time running, biking, climbing, hunting and dabbling with new, unexplored activities. In 2012, he finished the Superior Trail Races 50 miler and has completed many ultra marathons on the Superior Hiking Trail. Fall season is an opportunity for him to harvest animals in his hunting endeavors. During winter he can be found building confidence on the sharp edge of lead climbing mixed routes. Most recently he and his core staff members began competing in a curling league that is home to the last two USA Olympic Teams. He is recognized as person who strives to be better with a mind set that limits are self-imposed lies.

Thank you Jake for granting wishes and supporting My Wish Climb.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

More Than A Paycheck

Being a great employer is more than a paycheck, more than pocketbook benefits. It's about family, caring, enriching the lives of others. It's about giving back to the community you live in. In ways too numerous to list, Oakland Hills has been, and is all of that.

The OHCC Scholarship Trust grants dollars to student employees, The Golden Rake Tournament that was held in 2014 to benefit the stricken child of an employee. I'm fortunate to work in a family run business with great owners. I'm lucky to have an employer that grants a 30 day leave of absence to travel to Nepal and raise money climbing. Pretty special.

Thank you to the Oakland Hills members, who upon hearing of my Wish Climb have so generously opened their pocket book ... and hearts ...  once again.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Taking Risks

In 1997 I was given a wonderful opportunity to manage one of golf's sacred properties, Oakland Hills CC. That was the result of the GM/COO at the time, Rick Bayliss who took a chance on an "Iowa greenkeeper". We've been friends ever since, Rick remains a mentor and coach and I owe my career to one man's love affair with risk.

"Nothing risked, nothing gained" is one of my favorites. Not only am I indebted to Rick for believing in that principle, but it caused me to be less risk averse too. And it's why I am raising money, climbing mountains for Make A Wish kids.

Rick is now the COO at Lost Tree Club in FL ... thank you Rick for your generosity in supporting Make-A-Wish and my Wish Climb. Thanks for making a difference in the lives of others.'s-Wish-Climb.htm

L-R Pat Croswell, Rees Jones, Rick Bayliss, me

Monday, December 8, 2014


Saturday, I met Doug Johaningsmeier at the Ann Arbor Planet Rock climbing gym   to get a few rounds in with the Boy Scouts. It's nice to see the kids learning to climb.

We continue to climb the fundraising ladder! Thank you! We just went over $5,000 in donations and are now able to grant our first wish, more on that latter.'s-Wish-Climb.htm

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

We're climbing!'s-Wish-Climb.htm
Travis' wish was to meet Alex Avila of the Detroit Tigers

It's great to be in the Golf Industry.

Thank you again for the outpouring of support for my Wish Climb and for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. You are helping grant wishes for children with life threatening illnesses, like Travis above. YOU are giving hope, joy and encouragement!

Thank you:

Jeff Frentz, Lakeshore CC, IL
Chris Berlin GM, Oakland Hills CC, MI
Kristee Wright, Oakland Hills CC, MI
Cathy Weber, Oakland Hills CC, MI
Jake Ryan, Northland CC, MN
Ron Fox, Point O'Woods CC, MI
Scott Hillyard, Hawthorn Woods CC, IL
Kevin Dushane, Wuskowhan Players Club, MI
Mike Jones, Effingham CC, IL
Mike Edgerton, Meadowbrook CC, MI
Brian Bossert, Bryn Mawr CC, IL
Don Cross, Skokie CC, IL
Chad Ball, Conway Farms GC, IL
Eric Foerster, Ironbridge GC, CO
Eric Davey, Prestwick Village GC, MI
Travis Schnelle, Whistling Straits GC, WI
Tom Feller, Cedar Rapids CC, IA
Mike Mausolf, Oakland Hills CC MI
Marc McCoy, Harrell's MI

Monday, December 1, 2014


Today was another great fundraising day! We're almost at 15% of our goal thanks to so many of you family and friends...and still 10 months to go.

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Thank you!